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Web Designing

Need a new website design or modernisation of an existing website design?
Syscon can provide both types of services providing your business with a fresh presence on the web.

Our methodology includes conducting an in-depth website audit of your existing web presence in order to measure the following: Read More
  • Technical Setup: How well your site is built in terms of structure.
  • Crawlability: How search engine friendly is your existing website.
  • Indexation: How many pages have been found by search engines such as Google, Yahoo! or Bing

Syscon will use the information obtained from this initial audit and combine the findings with analytics software and other information in order to make informed decisions about your website. We will also evaluate the current website design, test its usability and then suggest improvements to the design based on our findings. For e-commerce websites, Syscon will also analyze the effectiveness of existing landing pages your business has .

Web Development Services
The development of a new website is often one of the most frustrating experiences whether you are a restaurant, Club or hotel, business or service.

The web development process is absolutely vital in order to ensure that your website is completed and delivered as expected.
Syscon follows the processes below to ensure each web project is handled both efficiently and professionally, irrespective of its complexity:

  • Step 1 - Site Map Development
  • Step 2 - Wireframe Development
  • Step 3 - Design and Brand Implementation

Once complete; Syscon will integrate your Content Management System (CMS) requirements and database.

Content Management Systems

Syscon will build custom Content Management Systems (CMS) for all projects. A custom built CMS allows our clients to be fully in control of their website without limitations imposed by 3rd party technology and content management systems. That means that changes in services, offerings, strategy or general requirements can easily be implemented into the existing web platform without the need for re-design, re-development or repeated data entry caused by the implementation of a new content management system

This means that your business will undoubtedly save money while the life of the website will also be extended.

Web Promotion

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as an industry has developed over the last few years and as a result SEO rankings are now mainly dependent on:
• Site build quality
• Content quality and regularity of updates
• Uniqueness of content and canonical link management
• Inbound Link Quality
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Previously, there was a high dependence on the number of inbound links from other websites that were pointing to a website. As a result of spam abuse, Google's recent Farmer Panda update (March 2011), affected the search engine rankings results for over 12 per cent of the worlds websites. In most cases, this resulted in websites that were at the top of Google's search results being moved much further down.

The Syscon approach to Search Engine Optimization fits very much in line with the specifications laid out by the major search engines.

First and foremost, our focus is ensuring that the website is built correctly, with the right level of back links, Search engine friendly navigation and optimized content containing appropriate keywords. We also ensure that universal content, such as images and videos are correctly optimized as per search engine requirements.

Finally, we will make sure that your hotel site maps are created and submitted to the engines and that the source code is correctly labeled and formatted. Once these processes are complete; Syscon will continue to improve the website and its content while strategically assisting link building processes that will improve the Page Rank of the website.


Mobile Application

Syscon is in continuous process of evolution to stay ahead of the curve. Being a pioneer in the arena of mobile application development, we are always attuned to the latest trend in the industry to serve our clients with high-end technology. Having been in the industry for a long time, we have gathered a whale of experience. It has certainly helped us to perform better..
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Our core area of expertise includes:

  • Application Development for iPhone
  • Application Development for iPad
  • Application Development for Android
  • Application Development for Blackberry
  • Application Development for Windows Mobile

Profession without passion is boring, monotonous and takes a toll on mind. That is what we have never experienced. We have a passionate team of expert mobile web development professionals. They have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in mobile technology, development and management. They toy with ideas and dare to implement them. They are not afraid of failure because they believe every failure gives them a new lesson and encourages them to succeed.



Brand yourself and craft an image that keeps on with your clients. Syscon can build up your brand in your market by creating the perfect identity design. A corporate logo design that helps you stand out from the rest will build your own unique identity. We can create attractive logos including Typographic, Calligraphic and Symbolic logos.
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We have quite a few packages depending on your needs and budget. Irrespective of any financial constraints we can assure you of a exclusive and attractive logo design that will help you build your brand image and increase your business.
We have creative designers who will take your business needs into deliberation.
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