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About Us

Welcome to Syscon

Quality, convenience and world class technology, these are the very things that define us, here at Syscon.

We combine management consulting, brand strategy and technology to solve modern day business challenges. This could mean building a brand identity, creating a website, Mobile App, digital campaign, running social media, training clients to deploy, or publishing a mobile app.

A project often starts with a brief and evolves into a much bigger remit that impacts the bottom line.

What We Believe

The Endless Pursuit of Truth & Excellence

In a world as complex as ours, the emphasis on simplicity has never been as profound as it is today. Whether it be the enduring essence of a place or the manner in which we convey it, we are driven by our passion to discover and define a dialogue, which will inspire people in a simple yet memorable manner.

We believe in integrity. No hollow words or empty promises. We will dig deep to find genuine meaning then devote ourselves to convey it in a succinct way. We are proud, yet embrace humility. We are creative, yet celebrate logic.

Connecting The Dots

We find ways of combining online with offline, social with outdoor, management workshops with product design, all towards a compelling outcome--in any form. We love connecting disconnected disciplines that don't normally fuse together.

Making Every Idea Count

We think no idea is a stupid idea. We present often, even if only one idea flies, it's worth the twelve that crashed. Every employee participates in brainstorming sessions, whether its a designer, strategist or the receptionist.

What We Do

  • Web Designing
  • Web Promotion
  • Branding
  • Mobile Applications
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